In cooperation with the Municipality of Prishtina, Coca-Cola HBC Kosovo has inaugurated the first Eco-Park of the capital city of Kosovo, Prishtina, at the main entryway and overlooking the city. This is the first park that company had established as part of their “Breathe Freely Eco-Park” Campaign, and with pollution rates in Prishtina, this Eco-Park is built in efforts to decrease air pollutants and improve the citizens’ quality of air and life.

Pristina, Aug 2017 –  This Eco-Park is entirely unique not only in the country but also very special in the region. Upon receiving their marriage license, newlyweds in the Municipality of Prishtina will be encouraged to plant a tree at this park, which has a capacity of 120 trees, in addition to other designated areas for citizens to relax, educate themselves on environmental protection, as well as commute through green spaces as part of their daily route. This Park is designed to create a small oasis in one of the most crowded intersections of the city with a capacity to store about 200,000Kg of CO2 for the next 10 years.

“Today we donate a small contribution to all citizens of Prishtina, but with a lasting and growing impact in improving the quality of our lives and that of future generations. The park is equipped with information plaques that will help educated and raise awareness to the young, as well as areas of relaxation and recreation. We are proud to continue our environmental contribution to the community we work and live with in such an attractive project, where new beginnings take seed”, said Nerita Tira, Director of Coca-Cola HBC Kosovo.

Mayor Ahmeti and Ambassador Delawie of the U.S. Embassy in Kosovo, both congratulated the accomplishment of this eco-park, highlighting the tangible importance and relevance it has to our community members.

“It is a great action that today we plant a tree to symbolize the joining of our lives together and literally provide enough O2 for two people,” concluded the newlyweds planting their marriage tree at the Eco-Park.