We have a rich heritage and an exciting future – from the creation of Coca-Cola in 1886 to being recognised as an industry leader by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices today.

Early years: 1886-1899

  • Coca‑Cola is created by John S Pemberton in 1886 and served at Jacob’s Pharmacy
  • By 1895, Coca‑Cola is sold and consumed in every state in the US
  • In 1899 the rights to bottle Coca‑Cola are sold by Asa Candler to Benjamin F Thomas and Joseph B Whitehead of Chattanooga, Tennessee for $1


  • AG Leventis establishes the Nigerian Bottling Company in 1951
  • Hellenic Bottling Company SA is incorporated in Greece in 1969
  • 1981 sees Kar-Tess Holding SA, a private holding company, acquire a 99.9 percent interest in Hellenic Bottling Company SA
  • In 1991, Hellenic Bottling Company SA shares are listed on the Athens Exchange

Coca‑Cola HBC is formed

In 2000, Hellenic Bottling Company SA acquires Coca‑Cola Beverages Ltd to form Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company SA


  • We acquire the remaining Russian Coca‑Cola operations
  • Our first bottling operation is certified to ISO 14001; we commit to certify all operations


  • Coca‑Cola HBC is listed on the NYSE through a sponsored ADR programme
  • We acquire mineral water companies Valser in Switzerland and Dorna Apemin in Romania
  • We acquire bottling operations in the Baltics
  • Our FTSE4Good listing is confirmed against stricter social and environmental criteria


  • Our first country operations are certified to OHSAS 18001; we commit to certifying all our operations
  • We acquire the water companies Multivita in Poland and Römerquelle in Austria


  • Our first CSR policies are ratified for Human rights, Equality of opportunity, HIV/Aids, Health & Safety, Environment and Quality
  • We publish the first GRI report in the non-alcoholic beverage industry


  • We acquire the mineral water companies Vlasinka in Serbia and Bankya in Bulgaria, as well as fruit juice company Multon in Russia
  • Coca‑Cola HBC opens its first Combined Heat and Power plant in Hungary


  • We acquire juice company, Fresh & Co in Serbia, beverage and dairy company, Lanitis in Cyprus and mineral water company, Fonti del Vulture in Italy
  • We launch front-of-pack nutritional labelling in our EU companies


  • We open the first industry-owned PET-to-PET recycling plant in Europe
  • Our first country operations are certified to ISO 22000; we commit to certify all our operations


  • Coca‑Cola HBC is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the first time
  • We acquire the Southern Italy Coca‑Cola bottling operations, Socib
  • We launch our external stakeholder panel
  • We commit to rolling out further Combined Heat and Power plants which will reduce the CO2 from our bottling operations by more than 20 percent


  • Coca‑Cola HBC delists from the Australian Stock Exchange
  • We open a Combined Heat and Power plant in Romania


  • Our new anti-corruption training is rolled out across all our operations
  • We receive employer of choice awards in 16 countries

125 years of Coca Cola

In 2011, Coca Cola celebrates 125 years of refreshing the world


  • We complete construction of wastewater treatment plants, ensuring that 100 percent of our wastewater is treated
  • All our plants are certified to ISO 9001


  • Coca‑Cola HBC lists among the top three most sustainable Food & Beverage companies according to the FTSE Group, based on environmental, social and governance criteria
  • We announce the redomiciliation of our holding company to Switzerland and our intention to list on the London Stock Exchange


  • Coca‑Cola HBC achieves a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange
  • We complete a share exchange offer
  • We’re listed first in Europe and second in the world among beverage companies, according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices