Coca-Cola HBC Kosovo has established the second and largest “Coca-Cola Active Zone” in Prishtina, Germia park. This Open-Air Gym is part of the company’s commitment to support local community wellbeing. On this occasion, Director of Coca-Cola HBC Kosovo, Kreshnik Sinani opened the event, followed by remarks of Mayor of Prishtina, Shpend Ahmeti, and the U.S. Embassy Ambassador Greg Delawaie (or US Embassy representative!).

May 8th 2017, Prishtina – “Community investment is a high priority for our social responsible business values, where we constantly seek to make a positive and sustainable impact in cities where we work and live in. We built this gym in the nature of our Germia Park, and it would be our utmost desire to see our citizens, including youth and elderly, benefiting and taking the opportunity to exercise and live active lives filled with physical activities. I also encourage youth members of our community to support and take care of these equipment, ensuring that they can be used and available for future generations.”, stated Kreshnik Sinani, Director of Coca-Cola HBC Kosovo Corporate.

“This Open-Air Gym helps and supports people of Prishtina by encouraging and inspiring them to lean towards a lifestyle filed with leisure and exercise. The use of the modern fitness equipment is free for everyone who wants to exercise and will be available 24/7,” said Mayor of Prishtina, Shpend Ahmenti. This project was also welcomed by the US Embassy, where Ambassador Gregg Delawie stated, “Corporate social responsibility is a core value of the American private sector, and we hope that this project led by Coca-Cola HBC will serve as an example for future community investments,” At this outdoor event guests had the opportunity to quickly learn the use of these equipment under the instructions of professional fitness trainers, while also enjoying great music and beverages.